3 reasons why your Fitness Brand need to change the Marketing Strategy

  • August 14, 2019

Talking about fitness is very exciting and at the same time challenging, right?

The current tendency of the human being is to feel good about the body, mainly because research indicates how important it is to practice physical exercises. But it is always a touchy subject, since the “perfect body” is relative and cannot be irresponsibly pursued.

1 – Fitness brands need responsible positioning

Knowing how to position yourself as a subject that involves self-esteem, especially female, is very important: women are (and should be!) in the phase of accepting themselves as they are, but seeking health.

Companies that have emotional support as a value have already gone halfway through the success of the dispersal and dissemination of fitness products (be it clothing, supplement…)

And in addition to following this crucial value, let it be sustained in the form of product disclosure. This is why we indicate Influence Marketing for this area: because it is a segment that demands compassion, respect, involvement, encouragement, and motivation.

Influencer marketing is growing because it has the quality that viewers trust someone who promotes a certain lifestyle. This audience feels confident in the influencer’s words and believes that following those tips can do good for them.

2 – When it comes to the body, people need to ask your opinion

Do you understand why your fitness company’s investment in Influencer Marketing will be a success? Because you will talk to your audience with respect, affection, and a familiar voice. And better: the public itself asked for the opinion when they searched that subject on the social media.

Studies show that 86 percent of women consult social media before making a purchase, and who are they looking for? Their favorite influencer who has the same skin tone, body shape, aged child, or taste. And they want to hear their opinions and insert in their lives as they want or can.

3 – Influencers are dedicated to maintaining the careful positioning that the brand needs to have

To confirm this, we did an interview with an expert Influencer: Sharon Wu. She works on Instagram and already has over 435K followers who engage with her posts all the time.

Isabella (MatchUp’s Marketing Coordinator): Your main audience is female, right? How do you think the feminine influence positively impacts the daily life of those who follow you?

Sharon Wu: I first became active on Instagram back in 2013 when I started my creative career as an agency model. During that time, I noticed there was a disparity in the representation of Asian American women. Shortly after, platforms like Instagram began to really take off, allowing women like me to share individual styles & points of view, and build a following. I think that this has inspired women of all backgrounds to show their true selves & chase their dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem!

Isabella: What is your perspective for influence marketing on Instagram?

Sharon Wu: I think it is crucial for building a brand’s awareness of its products or services, but is best utilized in an all-encompassing marketing strategy that includes quality media, consistency, and audience engagement over an extended period of time.

Isabella: Why do you indicate influence marketing for fitness?

Sharon Wu: I personally believe that prioritizing one’s health and staying fit is important for everybody, regardless of gender or age. Without good health, we have nothing! This is why I find joy in sharing my fitness journey with others and encouraging them to love & take care of their bodies.

Isabella: Do you think women are the most influential people and the most useful of Influencer Marketing?

Sharon Wu: I believe that women have significantly increased their market share over the past couple of decades, and therefore have become much more influential. I also feel like women tend to be more receptive to authentic and organic content produced by other female creators.

So, to conclude, Influencers have established careers as credible sources for many different industries (lifestyle, beauty, traveling, etc). However, Fitness Influencers have become some of the most powerful across social media. Let’s do that? 🙂





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