Opportunities to promote your brand with Influencers

  • June 11, 2020

There are countless possibilities to promote your brand on the internet with the support of Digital Influencers. See below the main ways in which we can develop campaigns with great results for your company!

1. Instagram Video on IGTV

Working similar to a Youtube Video, it has the purpose of showcasing a product in a more depth way but reaching the Instagram audience that is usually not exactly the same as the Youtube one.

2. Instagram Stories

Since the Instagram Stories were announced, it became a fast way to promote products in a very organic way. Using the Swipe Up Feature, influencers can redirect their audience to a specific link. Content here is also very focused on the casual image of the influencer instead of big editing content.

3. Instagram Post

A post will have good visibility on Instagram and is great for awareness purposes. Since you can’t add a link to the description, it’s usually done along with Instagram Stories to make sure to redirect the audience where the brand is interested to showcase something more fully.

4. Facebook Post

Facebook posts are created to increase awareness with a chance of easily sharing content with the audience. It also allows companies to boost a post from the influencer with money making it more visible to new audiences.

5. TikTok Post

TikTok is the latest trend to go mainstream on the internet. Since it also increased a lot in new markets due to quarantine for the COVID-19, it’s a place for fun-focused content. The music industry has been exploring it a lot trying to make the next hit go viral there (like happened to Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion). It is a place for product placement or to showcase an amusing product that will make people have fun and create great awareness.

6. Twitter Post

Twitter is a place where influencers are talking very closely with the audience about their ideas. With that, brands would gain visibility redirecting to their links too. It’s very often used to announce new events, time-sensitive content, and also to create collaborations with different influencers to talk about the same product.

7. Twitch Livestreaming

Twitch is a place very specific for games and crafting content to be shown in real-time. Very strong for doing gameplay of new titles or product placement for items that would help the influencer create that content (such as energy drinks, lights, peripheral components).

8. Youtube Livestreaming

Youtube talks to a broader audience compared to Twitch. Live streaming themes are broader and can showcase any type of product or service in real-time. An important aspect of it is making sure that the channel has already built a good audience to make them engaged with commenting during it.

9. Youtube Dedicated Video

A Dedicated Video length is usually 8 to 10 minutes and has the purpose of showing in-depth the product. There are talking points to be covered from the client to make sure that it has a 360 degrees perspective with the way the influencer prefers to convey it.

10. Youtube Integration Video

Integration varies more in time length. It can be 45 seconds, the 60s, 90 seconds, but usually no longer than 120s (in this case it can be divided during the video to not make it repetitive). It’s used for advertising something more promptly or in a bigger channel with a reduced cost for awareness purposes (since doing a Dedicated Video on those would cost way more).

Did you know all these possibilities? Check out how you can use Influencer Marketing in your company and see great results for yourself!





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