Influencer Marketing during COVID

  • June 4, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on our lives, economy, and business. In view of the uncertainties of the future, it is imperative that we pause to reevaluate the plans and strategies that we had outlined for this year and adapt to the “new normal” that arises in this crisis.

In this context, people need to be resilient and creative to find a new path for their plans and businesses. Our habits and priorities have changed, as have the content and the way we consume them, and this has also brought changes to Influencer Marketing. The need is a great motivator of innovation and it’s time to test new ideas and formats.

Given the impossibility of physical and face-to-face connection, it is expected that people will try to supply this need in the virtual environment. With more time on hand for being at home, consumers have spent more time connected on social networks. TikTok downloads took a leap in March and Instagram Lives are increasingly common in all segments.

Social networks have also become an important space to follow news about the pandemic and to educate themselves on hygiene and health issues, for the prevention of the disease. The audience seeks entertainment, but also education.

The demands are changing and both brands and Influencers need to be creative in adapting what they had planned, to create content suitable for the moment. Many are afraid of appearing insensitive to the pandemic when creating content and, of course, the way everyone behaves at this moment is being closely watched by the public.

It is not the time to think about competitiveness or profit, but to be supportive, considerate of others and build good relationships. Decisions made now will have long-term effects for your company and those who seem insensitive and opportunistic to the crisis will lose public confidence.

Think about how your company can help the community in this time of crisis: how can it help to disseminate important information? How does your strategy help to minimize the problems of the crisis? Does your content have value for the audience in this context?

Influencers are still an efficient and authentic way to communicate with your brand’s audience, making it more human in the eyes of the public, especially in such a delicate time. It has always been important to analyze the metrics of campaigns developed with Influencers, but, at this moment, it is also important to analyze the feeling that such collaboration has generated in the public. Choose the Influencer that genuinely reflects your brand values ​​and your message will be marked to the public in a very positive way.

Of course, Influencers have also gone through a period of great change. Those who depended mainly on travel and events to create their content have shown tremendous creativity to change the focus of their work. Thus, they have shown on social networks how they have adapted to this moment and generate an even greater connection with their followers, who realize that they are not alone in this transition. The sense of community has grown and strengthened the bonds between the audience, creator, and brand.

With the decrease in sales, brands have been shifting their marketing budgets where their customers’ eyes are now: online! Of course, it is important to adapt campaigns that had been planned before the pandemic and now seem out of context. And while there is no possibility of large advertising productions due to the lockdown, content produced at home by Influencers can be of extreme importance for brands to remain close to their audience with inspiring messages for this difficult time.

Finding the ideal tone for your brand in such a sensitive time and which is the best Influencer to represent it can be difficult. But we are here to help your brand grow!





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