Difference between Content Creators and Influencers

  • June 10, 2020

There is a great overlap between the terms Content Creator and Influencer, which is why these terms are often confused. Content Creators can be Influencers and vice versa, but understanding the differences – and even similarities! – among them can help you to find the best partner for the promotion of your brand on the internet.

Content Creators:

Creators are recognized for the high quality and creative content they produce. They script, produce, photograph, edit, and create innovative content. They do not necessarily have a large number of followers and may not even appear frequently on camera, showing their personality. The public follows them and engages with the creators’ publications to follow their beautiful and different content.

Of course, some content creators can become Influencers and have a very close relationship with their audience, but their work is much more recognized for the artistic aspect and they are usually loyal to just one platform, such as YouTube or Instagram.


Influencers are niche-celebrities in their own right, but while celebrities became famous for their exposure in traditional media, Influencers are people who have built their personal brand on various social networks and have reached a close relationship with their audience, who feel like they’re friends with the Influencer.

Calling yourself Influencer may sound pretentious to some people, while others are proud to know that they can influence their fans and many young people aspire to achieve that position. The content of an Influencer may not be as elaborate as that of a Creator, the focus is more towards their captivating personality, and with that they manage to hold the public’s attention, building a loyal community and influence their purchasing decisions, as it conveys great authenticity and credibility.

Even the micro-Influencers (those with less than 100 thousand followers) are opinion makers, sharing valuable recommendations/tips and achieving very high engagement rates with their dedicated audiences, as they are authorities in their area of ​​influence.

Which one to work with?

For companies that need professional quality and inspiring content for their social networks, ads, and websites, Content Creators may be the best bet. Find that Creator that fits the aesthetic of the message that your brand wants to convey and take advantage of their creativity!

For brands looking to generate brand awareness, clicks, and sales, working with Influencers will be the way to go. By choosing an Influencer whose fans are the ideal audience for your brand, you benefit from a very large and already engaged audience.

Finding the right person to represent your brand on the internet can be difficult, but we’re here to help you with that!





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