Agency vs. Influencer Marketing Platforms: Which one should I choose to run my campaign?

  • August 21, 2019

The biggest truth about any kind of Marketing is that people connect with people. And this is why Influence Marketing has been growing: The public trusts the digital influencer’s words, precisely because he creates authentic content that generates loyal followers, coming from a connection and empathy for their opinion.

If effectiveness comes, in theory, from this human-human contact, why should the practice of choosing influencers to be automated? The point here is to say that platforms that are offered today to fulfill the role of influencer selection are fully robotic and take human perception off the scene of something that machines cannot do for us: feel.

Different types of platforms for Creator selection are currently available:

1) The ones that only do the marketing place work, where they connect the brand to profile.

2) The ones that give access to the influencers’ mailing contact. The user who has already chosen his or her digital influencer, whether celebrity or micro-influencer, contacts the agent or directly with the influencers and negotiates.

3) The ones that offer an influencer kit media file, where you access the information that digital influencers have submitted in their presentations.

Okay, the platform has the beginning of the campaign, but what about the campaign process? The contact procedure? How many times have we sent messages on various influencer networks and not even got a reply?

The Influencers market is huge and can even be called “saturated”. Getting names is a task that requires much more than numbers: it requires eye-to-eye assessment to see if that influencer will really deliver the message the business needs.

And yes, this is the agency’s differential: it does everything the platform does, but frees the company from intermediate trouble.

Here is a list of activities that the agency takes care of without bothering the contractor:

And believe me, between the lines, is many setbacks that are resolved by the agency.

Thus, it is noted that an Influencer Marketing campaign is a systemic issue that goes far beyond the survey of names and numbers. It is a process that needs abstract, human, malleable and customizable points for each question, issues that are difficult to solve automatically.

Let’s together connect people? 🙂





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