Briefing: How important is it and how it can help your campaign’s success

  • August 28, 2019

Starting from scratch can be extremely daunting, but also very useful if we learn from every situation. Talking about Marketing is often complex, holistic, and requires a lot of guidance and organization to do well.

Well, if you have to start something, that means you had an idea, right? What was it?

Well, if you had this idea, why was it born? What was going on around you for this insight to arrive?

Well, if this insight has come, it needs to be well organized to work, right?


The briefing is a document that details information and facilitates the development of a project. It identifies your situation, pinpoints problems and identifies opportunities. It is during the briefing that the most latent questions and needs arise. So every campaign/idea/project needs to have a guide to questions that are customizable to the situation, and that’s where the advice and help from agencies come in.

Here at MatchUp, we consider 3 steps to Briefing generation: Identification, purpose, and attraction.

1) Identification: The beginning of production requires some initial points as the definition of the idea.

  • What it is? Is it a project, a campaign, an idea…?

  • What led you to think about the possibility of this to exist?

  • What motivated you to get to it?

  • Who are we creating for?

Speaking clearly and in the same language as the defined audience is essential and is supported by Influence Marketing, as influencers gain fans through identification.

Remember: For a project to be satisfactory, it is very important that you know to whom it is intended. Therefore it is necessary to identify and highlight all information from the public to whom the action will be directed.

2) Purpose:

  • Where do I want to go?

  • What goals do I want to achieve?

3) Attraction: It is important to know HOW this goal will be achieved:

  • Who will help me draw the idea?

  • What paths and tasks will I need to follow to achieve the scaled goals?

  • What is the deadline for this project?

This part is important, as it will certainly require partnerships that need to be well selected and well cared for doors to be opened. Mapping the initiative is the best briefing method to get started, as the manual dictates team productivity.


The document may also contain information such as

  • Market research References

  • Similar Productions

  • Objections

  • Budget


It is important that we make a good summary of our purposes, or our result may not turn out as expected.

So words are dismissed in this conclusion, right ?! Know what you want and where you want to go and it will surely be there! 🙂

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