How can Influencer Marketing help grow my business?

  • May 19, 2020

If you still use the traditional advertising model in your business, it may be time to rethink your strategies.

In the traditional model, companies usually hire famous people to promote their products on television, magazines, and billboards. But the growth of social networks has brought a major turnaround for the consumption habits: the interaction. On social media people talk, ask questions, and make decisions based on these interactions. And in this virtual reality, full of potential customers for the most varied brands, the concepts of Digital Marketing and Digital Influencer appeared.

Social Media platforms became a way to promote messages with a different approach, making it interesting to advertise products using people that speak to a broad audience there, reaching new heights for the message given. Further than that, it’s possible to measure the reach and analyze better the results.


In Influencer Marketing, the company partners with Digital Influencers: people who have become authorities on a particular subject on social networks and have a considerable number of followers. The Digital Influencer is an important marketing partner, with a loyal and segmented audience, regular content production, and engagement with its public.

Digital influencers test and give their opinion on the products advertised in a very natural and relatable way, which transmits security and reaches the ideal audience for the brand. Influencer Marketing gives brands a new option to portray their images in a way that it’s focused on the niche that has already shown interest in them. The talents become spokespeople to what they are promoting, and their credibility is also transported to what they are talking about.


  1. Cost adaptable: with different sizes of influencers, the brand’s budget can be adapted. So, it’s anyone’s game!

  2. Trust: using Influencer Marketing you create a powerful relationship of trust with the public, because followers opted to hear from that specific influencers. People love to hear from other’s perspectives, it’s an empathy process where one person is talking about their experience with that product.

  3. Niche: When choosing the right influencer that reflects your brand values ​​and has a close relationship with your target audience, that strategy will reach the ideal audience for purchasing your product.

  4. Increase the value of the brand: the companies are subject to the watchful eye of consumers with regard to its policies and positions on the Internet. And if those are good, they win the public.

All these aspects increase brand credibility, bringing new customers, retaining the old ones, and, of course, increasing sales. Influencer Marketing is a reality, and it grows every day. The sooner a company establishes this marketing structure, the better for its growth and promotion of the brand on the internet.


  1. First, you need to define your target audience. Which person profile will benefit from the solutions you offer and are more likely to consume your products?

  2. Now, you should look for the influencer who is close to your brand’s target audience. Invite him to know your product. Influencers choose products that they consider relevant and that will bring value to their audience.

  3. Create strategies with influencer’s actions on social networks to promote your brand.

Of course, this process can be difficult for those who have small or zero experience, since it requires an understanding of the influencers’ world, social media reachability, and how this market works.

But don’t be afraid of it, we’re here to help you with that!

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