How does Influencer Marketing work?

  • May 22, 2020

People have become more aware of social, environmental, and humanitarian issues. And the keyword for a brand to stand out and win its audience in this context is connection. The brand needs to demonstrate authenticity, reinforce its values​​, and become more humanitarian in the eyes of the public.

People connect with other people easier than they connect with companies and that is why Influencer Marketing has grown so much: it is a very efficient way to humanize the message of a brand and connect it to its audience. By choosing the right person to represent your brand on the internet, you turn your potential customers into true fans.


Goals: first, set up your goals to outline your strategies. What do you want to achieve with the advertisement? It can be greater awareness of your brand, reaching a new audience, or increasing sales. A great advantage of Influencer Marketing is that it allows you to measure the reach of the advertisement and make sure that your initial goals have been achieved and your campaign has been a success!

Message: in view of your goals it’s necessary to decide which message will be transmitted to the public and in what format it will happen. How should your brand be shown to the public?

Influencer: influencer size is not only the metric you have to consider, for each case, it requires an analysis, depending on the budget, the main goal, the reachability you’re interested in. The ideal strategy is to choose an influencer who will reach the ideal audience for your product and who bears the values ​​you want associated with your company.

Action: goals, message, and influencer set, it’s time to take action and make sure everything goes according to plan. Set the balance between the product being advertised and influencer style, dates for publishing that make sense according to the company overall strategy, and aligning it to talents’ schedules.

Result: the internet allows us to evaluate various metrics, such as views, clicks, likes, shares, and comments, and that tells us if the campaign has reached its objectives. Analyze the success of your advertisement and perfect your strategies for the next ones.


MatchUp has great experience in Influencer Marketing and excellent results achieved for companies that trusted our work and experience. We can help you elevate your brand all over the world!

01. Beyond the brief

Tell us about your brand and product you’re willing to advertise. Work with our team to develop the most adequate creative message and find the best fitting influencers to showcase your brand/product.

02. Campaigns on Time

While the campaign is running, we will make sure influencers deliver the content in time for your approval and publishing the moment it’s more appropriate to your strategy.

03. Measuring Results

We will analyze the data with you. Discuss the highlights, points of interest that can lead to more opportunities for your brand and bring up new ideas to create engaging and fun campaigns.

If you’d like to know more, check how influencer marketing can help grow your business.





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