How Influencer Marketing follows the shopping journey

  • July 31, 2019

First of all: consumers are people

People have wishes, problems, routines, self-challenges, work challenges… They have families, they share experiences, they like to laugh and sometimes they are afraid and insecure about things. Human being stuff, you know?

Understanding each phase of their lives help us guide marketing. But no, this is not just about selling: it is about solving issues with truth. Social Media World became the easiest (and most used nowadays) to spread some solutions that maybe people did not even know they could have. We can affirm that because once people got in touch with Influencers, they keep coming back to consume new content and it ends up turning on a relationship.

The idea of Influencer Marketing is not to create demands, but to be there for those who create itself, based on their own needs as a real person. The process the Marketing takes into account to follow that logic is called as “Shopping Journey”:

These phases recognizes every feeling or thought that people have to someday become a consumer of something like a service, a product, or even an app.

1: Learning and discovering

At the beginning of the process, the person doesn’t know (or doesn’t know very well) that they have a problem or need. He is still piquing interest for a particular topic or trying to be part of some group.

At this phase, the influencer’s goal is to capture the attention and be able to turn that visit in a relationship. That is not a phase where brands can be inserted, since it’s not the time to try to sell anything: it’s the time to become their friend.

2: Problem recognition

Here the consumer has gone a little deeper into the topic he was searching and realizes that has a problem or opportunity. Being someone’s audience also show him/her that they are not alone.

The goal here is to reveal a problem that they have but didn’t know yet. From this, the reliable person is the easiest way to be part of their research, because now they are studying the problem further and going after solutions for it.

3: Solution consideration

After further research, the buyer has mapped out some possible solutions and begins to evaluate them. At this point, the influencer need to identify that he/she has a product or service as a (good) solution to it.

4: Buying decision

At the end of the process, the consumer analyzes the options and finally makes his decision: it is the moment of the purchase. So if the Influencer followed all the phases correctly, for sure the person (that became a consumer) will remember the company/product/service he talked about and get convinced that it’s the time to invest money on it.

This is the base of creating content and it’s our job to get together with influencers and draw strategies to use this movement in favor of your selling product, like:

  • Identifying the real target
  • Track trusted influencers who already made authentic connections with their audience
  • Choose the right spread channel
  • Provide insights beyond reach to the campaign

A campaign rises on the 3rd phase

Tracking influencers is the priority job on agencies, since we have to investigate if they already made authentic connections with their audience and are ready to be part of the “Buying decision”.

But, if you are intending to hire that kind of Marketing, be ready to trust the way Influencer will spread your product or service, because the audience was already achieved by his strategies.

We are people who create for people

We are talking about Marketing, and it can transform people in the audience, and audience in the consumer. But we can never let the essence of Influencer Marketing to be forgotten, or the proposal will come to an end: we are people who create for people. We share real-world and memorable content that will never let humans think they are just being fooled to spend money – even if the purchase is made. The key is to show they are supported to their problems and are part of a group. 🙂





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