How to work organized as an Influencer

  • September 4, 2019

The emergence of new communication formats through social networks, the inclusion of young people in the digital context, and the rapid technological change transformed the meaning and understanding, not only of social practices, but also of professionals.

Since generation Z was born in the digital context, they tend to lose and gain focus very easily, pointing technological dependence and requiring the use of a new language. This generation has even revolutionized ways of working, which tend to be more flexible.

Addiction to social networks contributes to the reduction of worker performance. These changes, along with the insertion of generation Z youth into the labor market, assume that organizations re-formulate their methodologies to establish a corporate, inviting, motivating, and functional environment in the workforce management process.

This is likely to be a point of attention for contemporary organizations: guiding employees from a perspective of balancing the use of social networks in the workplace, especially since they often do not know how to manage Internet access time. Some companies, trying to bring the two distant worlds together, implement strategies that seek to converge personal and professional expectations, such as free Internet access in the workplace.

The new career

In the case of the new career of digital influencer, also born by the instant growth that technology allows in the dissemination of information, they build and become their own company and need to manage the routine balance between work and hobbies all by themselves. Among the benefits of this profession, we highlight:

  • Flexible time

  • Building your own routine

  • Creation autonomy

  • Free internet access

But these benefits need to be well managed in order not to become the destroyer of this new concept of work. And this cannot happen, as influencers are gaining visibility and showing that they play a very important role in the daily lives of people and businesses.

There are studies that define results of lack of productivity precisely due to the lack of time management and discuss the importance of imposing restrictions on the use of social networks as hobbies at a certain time as work. This results in another feature of the generation:

  • The restlessness – because they are surrounded by technological apparatus –

  • Turn over between tasks – by constantly switching between lots of tasks;

  • The impossibility of accomplishing several things at the same time, compromising the final quality of what they are involved with.

If the highlighted concern is brought into the world of work, they indicate potential problems with end-product quality and efficiency, essential conditions of the organizational world, and working life.

Organization tips

For this reason, in this article we show you 2 tools that can assist in building an organized routine for those who need to focus more on work with so many distractions going on:

1) Quire

It is a site available as an extension and also for mobile. The platform is very intuitive that seems to be inspired by the Kanban method for task arrangement.

The platform allows organization by project and can be shared as a team or individually (I prefer!).

Your productivity is measured by creating charts that it automatically creates and you can measure the process of each project, together or separately.

In Quire, you can:

  • Create a name for projects

  • Create tasks for projects

  • Create a deadline for tasks

  • Delegate tasks to others

  • Add comments and tags on each task

  • Organize tasks by priority

All of this can be done by drag and drop and is very intuitive as they make use of colors to make the association easier.

2) Pomodoro technique

The technique was developed in the late 1980s by Italian Francesco Cirillo, who was looking for a way to increase his productivity in his studies during his early university years. For this, he used a kitchen timer to help organize tasks with focus.

The timer was shaped like a tomato (Pomodoro in Italian) and spun for 25 minutes, making a loud noise at the end of that time. In the meantime, Cirillo focused on his tasks without interruption (really!), Staying 100% focused and realizing satisfactory results.

There are currently other websites and app – like Tomato Time, Pomodoro Time, Pomodoro Keeper, Focus Keeper, etc. – that help in the application of this technique and dismiss the kitchen timer.


Self-evaluation is very important first of all to detect if any technique or platform would work for you.

The idea is that things are applied gradually so that there is a adhesion and a satisfactory result, as everything in life, right ?!

Digital influencer is the career of the future and it needs to be well managed by those who practice it to have a long and healthy life.

Will your routine allow you to practice these tips? Tell us! ūüėČ





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