Influencers and Privacy: Does it Match?

  • November 22, 2019

Chances are you have seen many people chasing for followers on social networks, exposing their lives, talking about brands, and especially influencing thousands of people.

This behavior has already become work, and obviously, we know it. Digital influencers are increasingly invested by society as they show their realities as incredibly perfect.

In this article, you will better understand how influencer marketing is currently overstating the lives of influencers.

The growing number of influencers shows how it really works. Being a contemporary type of marketing, showing a life, earning things, and catching up on Instagram doesn’t seem so bad, in fact, it seems to be perfect.

However, overexposure can cause problems.

Starting with a person’s mental health, who is constantly looking for opportunities to get content and good impressions too many people as possible. Choosing the number of followers, likes, comments, and views. One each like, a smile. Each heartbreak, a frustration.

Mental over-stress and constant over-comparisons directly affect the quality of thoughts and destabilize self-esteem, making room for anxiety and depression. Being prepared for criticism is essential to entering the field of influencer marketing. It is important to ask for help if there is psychological distress.

An example of striving for perfection is influencer @lilimiquela, an influencer who is actually an animation, showing off her freckles and big mouth is like putting together all the Instagram filters that girls use. However, despite being very successful, Lili has tried to be more human by showing feelings. After all, humans created her and its goal is to be successful on the internet.

Miquela has participated in numerous influence campaigns such as UGG And Spotify. With this, we see that people are not ready or simply do not want the exhibition, act as avatars, drawings, and animations, like Lili.

Reference at this point is the band @Gorillaz, who has always shown an innovation of the way they show themselves and sing made them famous enough to have almost 2 million followers on Instagram.

Sia, an American singer with more than 5 million followers, avoids showing her face, but still can provide and spread the great talent around the music industry.

Even so, these examples created strong identities that made your privacy your big trademark.

Yes, it is possible to be successful online without showing the face. Actually, that can be considered an innovation. But choosing the way you show yourself depends on your goals and which audience you want to reach.


Today’s society wants to be online. They are all over social networks and venturing into new trends. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone has their favorite influencer and has been encouraged by it. Your opinions are relevant to consumers and tend to be more and more.

However, content creators should be aware of the exposure of their images, and understand when this work is doing mental health harm. In addition, know that you can build big brands even if you do not feel like showing your face.

It is also important to always remember that working as an influencer is like everyone else, having to take offline breaks to renew energy, not being so concerned about the results all the time.





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