MatchUp’s Experience on YOUPIX SUMMIT: Perspectives and Learnings for Influencer Marketing to Flow

  • September 13, 2019

YouPix is ​​a company that enables and empowers agencies (like us), brands, and creators to have a relationship. To do so, they offer different types of products and services, and one of them is the YouPix Summit, the largest event in Latin America’s influential marketing segment. There, they organized lectures for the three personas they cover, varying their content and interests in one place.

Since we are a Global Agency, it is important to keep up with the prospects for the industry we work in across markets, including Brazil, one of the fastest growing in the digital influence industry. The presence at the event was due to this fact. It was also an opportunity to meet some of the influencers we have worked with or who we want to work in the future.

Technology allows us to create a business from long distance, but the physical presence, the warmth of the moment are essential for shaping the future in the area, since affection and rationality are points that machines do not have yet, so we need to put into practice what we humans still have a differential.

Incidentally, the theory that this “humanized” is important was much discussed during the event. It is clear that there is a fear of losing our personal essence to gain online visibility, and this view is totally disapproved upon by those who really understand the industry. Not only for the wisdom that most brands already have in looking for authentic content – which really is the difference of the influential marketing segment – but also because it’s really what the audience wants to see and what engages engagement. We believe that those who do not get out of the number bubble will be left behind in the area.

The event took place at Unibes Cultural, in São Paulo – BR – an environment where the number of people present clearly did not support – but had 4 stages that allowed the dispersion of the staff:

  • Keynote stage

  • How to stage

  • Creators talk

  • Viu hub

Everybody wants to know more about Influencer Marketing

Our team had selected lectures by theme, not by stage. But crowding didn’t allow personal programming to be followed, so we came up with some strategies to make the event worthwhile:

  1. We take the line to network – interestingly people tend to pull more subject when they are dissatisfied, so it takes courage and we can reverse it into an interesting conversation;

  2. We visited stands with a visionary look – we as an agency always need to pay attention to ideas for our company, the brands we work with, and also the influencers we work with. The proposed interactions on the 2nd floor were an opportunity to see how people engage with play and facilities. Look, it’s amazing how this kind of creativity can increase your earned media. There we saw big names like GNT, Bradesco, Magalu and Squid.

  3. We sat on the floor! The important thing was to listen carefully to what the speakers had to say. Also, we were at a creative event, so why not take fun actions?

  4. After much thought and walk that didn’t add to our experience, we made the choice to stay on one stage and soak up what was being said there. The chosen stage was “how to stage” because it had easy access. Besides, he had great lines!

The “How to Stage”

The focus of this stage is to teach our industry’s “HOW TO STAGE” by bringing experienced professionals to share their learning with everyone.

We heard how the Live is capable of saving brand digital communication. The lecture spelled out how it is an opportunity to interact with the audience. (Remember the story of humanizing?)

So that’s the idea. Chatting is the key to taking content to a more personal, personalized, and interesting level. The speaker, Léo Ferro argued, with data, that the oscillation between conventional content and lives is a great strategy for maintaining organic reach.

But of course, there are several techniques for Lives to present this power, such as (1) respecting the count down, (2) organizing an agenda with goals, and (3) respecting the platform specifications on which you, the influencer, will be embedded.

Rodrigo Soriano, AirFluencers’s CEO, presented successful influencer marketing campaigns. The talk showed key points for the campaigns to generate the expected result. The term that had the most focus was “curation”. It is important for maintaining the quality of the content presented by influencers and ensuring that the industry continues to grow. In the execution of the same, we follow the line in which the speaker presented: We align the content with the objectives of the campaign, select influencers impartially, analyze everything semantically, and also design KPIs.

In short, the stage also featured a lot of financially careful content for creators, as well as topics such as organization and relevant data on how the market really is growing:

The stage tackled important lessons for influencer marketing with an approach to the influencers profession flowing, teaching tips for keeping all demands organized without losing your head and mental health.

We can consider that the experience was very valid. We know how difficult it is to organize an event, especially of this size.

It is worth a reflection to always think about the best way to face these challenges together with the company that elaborates. It is important to contribute tips for improvement, as initiatives like this event are especially important to keep going. Here are some of ours:

  1. Punctuality is important, but lack of it can cause a lot of discomfort. Since the event had several free drinks, why not offer it in line already? The queue could also have been used for ticket validation, optimizing input.

  2. Is the badge really necessary? It behaves out of the line of eyes and is very difficult to read the person’s name, so I don’t know if it really made a difference.

  3. If people had previously registered for specific lectures, since each would have a limited number of places, it would be more satisfying, because we would not count on the frustration of “I couldn’t enter”.

In addition, it was a great event and we will still release many contents obtained there in our texts, with our perspective. Stay tuned! 🙂





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