Myths and Truths About Influencers

  • November 27, 2019

Being an influencer can be more challenging than it looks. We have listed 2 myths and 2truths to demystify the profession. Check it out!

1. Being Influential is just talking about any brand on social networks: MYTH

An influencer must connect with the campaign of the company in question. Advertising should be natural and look organic as it is really part of a person’s life. However, the brand and the influencer need to connect in order to get more results from both sides, as it is important for influencer followers to also be interested in influencer content to keep them engaged and satisfied with the content they are delivering.

2. Influencers get a lot for free: TRUTH

Influencers get MANY THINGS!

Brands want them to know about their services and products so they can consider whether it will be interesting to campaign with an influencer. Many make a giveaway of the stuff they earn, which also helps generate engagement on social networks. We love taking part in sweepstakes! Who does not like it, right?! However, because they receive so many things all the time, some things are not relevant to the content, so they are not always shared with the public. But winning things shows how important that influencer’s opinion is and how much brands trust they can deliver results.

3. Being an influencer is easy: MYTH

Being an influencer is hard work and requires a lot of self challenges.

A lot of people think it’s easy to create content all the time, but many influencers don’t feel motivated or inspired many days. Some create giant content and do not have the expected result. In addition, some have difficulty communicating with the brand, so the importance of an agency that intermediates between them, so everything will be better agreed. Attending social events can also be a challenge for many shy influencers. Public speaking, socializing at parties with celebrities, always smiling – This requires a lot of inner work that not always anyone is willing to do. Exposure can also be a problem as too much online personal information takes away privacy, and it can be difficult to separate online from offline. It’s important to keep activities out of working hours and to do personal things that don’t need to be shared with everyone. Read our privacy marketing post on influence.

4. Influencers can have a team: TRUTH

Yes, many digital influencers have a team to help them:

– Create content

– Think of scenarios

– Organize schedule

– Attend events

– Filming

– To edit

– Finding the right campaign and managing it

– It is important to have a team that manages this influencer and takes care of campaign and contract details.

When the influencer is very famous, they also need a team to help them on social networks, answering questions or even filtering haters and being polite. But being an influencer doesn’t always mean having millions of followers, so many can manage all this work on their own. That’s much work!

Another important thing that many influencers can’t manage is campaign monetization, dealing with money can be challenging. Read more about being organized by being an influencer.


There are many myths and truths about working with influence. People think it is simple and very easy, but there is a great deal of personal and professional work behind the cameras and computers.

There are real people working to make everything work as well as possible, so it is important to respect and value the hard work of influencers. They are true entrepreneurs because they run their personal brand.

Have more questions about working with influencer marketing? Tell us we will be available to answer!





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