Podcasts: Would It Be The Future Of Influence?

  • November 6, 2019

For the layman, the simplest explanation for the podcast is that it looks like a radio program, only broadcast over the internet and can be accompanied via computer, tablet, or mobile phone. There is an infinite diversity of topics to be heard, whether it be informative content, debate, humor, whatever is currently on the agenda, or narrow niche subjects. There are no rules for the length of episodes, they may be a few minutes, or even hours, depending on the talkers’ ability to entertain.

The podcast presents new opportunities for brands, advertisers as well as digital influencers. The platform allows for more “straightforward” conversations between influencers and their followers. Without the layers of filters and video edits, more content is needed to sustain a few minutes, or hours, of conversation.

Video platforms have created faster and smaller content, podcast space is wider and more private as it needs different attention. The user does not have to stop their routine to pay attention to the content. Listening to a podcast can be done in traffic, along with routine tasks such as doing the dishes, tidying the room, or exercising. We live in a constant race against time, as well as a quest for learning, and it is always good when we can combine the useful with the pleasant.

As it is a conversation, the listener is invited to “interact” with the thought, creates an atmosphere of intimacy, or what generates more authenticity to the content. At this point, brands have a lot to gain, a marketing insertion made in a very useful, natural way, as in casual conversation and also more assertive. The Instagram user may not pay much attention to all, as the photos that appear in your news feed, and a marketing action may go unnoticed, but a podcast listener pays much more attention to what is being said, as explained by Econsultancy website.

This is not the only way brands can engage with audiences through podcasting, according to Veja SP. There is a more profitable option for influencers, which is sponsorship for their channels, or for certain episodes. In addition, brands themselves can create their podcasts and hire influencers to introduce them. All of this with a more natural style, addressing diverse topics ranging from self-care to video games and series.

In Brazil, the podcast that ranks first in the number of listeners is NerdCast, which emerged from the blog Jovem Nerd and has been running for 10 years. This is a chat wheel where subjects are always relevant to the geek and geek community. Each episode averages 90 minutes and one million downloads. They partner with leading brands such as Marvel and PlayStation.

In a world of innovation, companies must always be thinking ahead of what is at their peak today. Marketing on large social networks may be heading for repetition, and the podcast aims to create an even more effective connection with your listeners, which creates a fertile ground for successful marketing.





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