Top Gaming events in 2020

  • October 23, 2019

Big game events already have a date and place to happen in 2020. It’s worth keeping an eye on them and their audience.

Gamescom (Cologne, August 25-29)

The world’s largest gaming convention brings together thousands of fans and gamers every year. The fair takes place in Germany, and by 2020 it will be between 25 and 29 August and will host, as always, many gaming industry experts.

Gamescom holds another new feature for 2020, the event will be taken to Singapore between 15 and 18 October. This new edition will feature everything the public is used to finding in traditional editions. There are many companies that are interested in participating in Gamescom, some are Xbox, Sony, Sega, Capcom, Nintendo.

E3 (Los Angeles, July 9-11)

The venue for the event is the Convention Center in Los Angeles, which will take place on July 9-11. To cater for the steady expansion of fans, 10,000 tickets will be sold more than the 2019 edition.

E3 is one of the biggest gamer fairs in the world, until then more focused on companies and the press. But the idea in 2020 is to turn the event into a festival for fans, the press, and influencers, and allow the audience to get closer to game developers. The fair will feature more celebrities and greater interaction.

Many companies are present at E3, there are Atari, Sony, Disney, Nintendo, Microsoft, among other major companies in the gaming world.

Pax East (Boston, February 27 – March 01)

Created in 2004 the fair, at first, wanted to attend a show exclusively for gaming. Defining characteristics of the shows include an opening keynote speech from an industry insider, game-culture inspired concerts, panels on game topics, exhibitor booths from both independent and major game developers and publishers, tabletop gaming tournaments, and video game free play areas.

BGS- Brazil Game Show (São Paulo, October 9-13)

The market is booming, so the 2020 BGS is expected to be epic. The fair, which will be in its 13th edition, will be held in São Paulo at Expo Center Norte and will take place between 9 and 13 October.

BGS is the third-largest gaming event in the world and the largest gaming event in Latin America. The fair always has an exclusive schedule, guests, and the public participates in cosplay contests, game development championships, and have the opportunity to test new games.

The exhibitors present at BGS are made up of big names like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Asus, Razer, Marvel, among many others.

What can your company learn from game events?

Video game events are like an immersion into this booming world. There you can see what is newest in the area, where is the technology-focused on games, learn a lot from all the news that is demonstrated at fairs.

It is also a great time to see what is being best received by your target audience, how it acts in the midst of the news, and what most piques their interest. Within these events, attendees enhance their interests in the subject, so it is as if companies can see their customers through a magnifying glass.

For these reasons, video game events are places that should be seen as a learning environment and knowledge of what’s coming around, and what will impact your target audience.





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